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REO Bulk Properties


REO Bulk Properties


Trust RESidential Services has the ability to compile orders of the following - Minimum purchase is $US 50 million dollars.

REO Properties

  • Nationwide
  • Custom geographical areas
  • Single family homes
  • Condominiums
  • Townhouses
  • Mobile Homes with land

Trust RESidential Services, LLC a Master Real State Services Company has developed a nationwide solution to the current foreclosure epidemic.  The strategic marketing approach provides a link between the mounting numbers of bank owned properties and non-performing notes with the growing number of real estate investors looking to benefit from the banks’ distress.  Current media sources are flooding the communication channels with news regarding the real estate market and the banks’ insolvency issues:

- Paper Money – “delinquencies and foreclosures are continuing to rise with delinquencies jumping 64.58% and foreclosures soaring 126.09% since July of 2006.”

- Aug. 15 (Bloomberg) – “Countrywide Financial Corp., the biggest U.S. mortgage lender, fell 13 percent, the most since the 1987 stock-market crash, after Merrill Lynch & Co. raised the possibility of bankruptcy.”

Countrywide is one of many mortgage lenders that are having financial difficulties due to the rise in foreclosures.  Trust RESidential Services, LLC has devised a dynamic vision in order to be the solution for these institutions’ foreclosure concerns nationally.  The strategy is designed to help release banks from their insolvency issue by buying massive amounts of foreclosed properties and notes to help the banks clear their balance sheet of these insolvent accounts.

Our ability to divest high quantities of properties from a bundle turnover approach makes Trust RESidential Services, LLC more appealing to other alternative third party debt service providers, specifically due to our strategy that allows immediate liquidity to the banks’ insolvent funds.  Alternatively, many other third party debt service providers offer the service of selling these properties on a consulting basis.  Unfortunately, for the banks, these third party debt service providers do not permit immediate liquidation of the banks’ unusable funds.  In fact, the funds are still unavailable until the properties are sold through these debt service providers.  Our exit strategy expedites the process and rapidly liquefies the banks’ non-performing debt associated with the foreclosure.  This opportune approach provides our service more benefit than other debt service providers.  By divesting these funds, the banks are again in the position to originate new loans.

Statistics support the fact that the real estate market has slowed and real estate investors are on the rise.  Unfortunately, for many investors, finding legitimate real estate REO and note connections is more difficult and time consuming than individuals are prepared to undertake.  Banks are struggling with the publicity of their financial crisis; therefore, they outsource services relative to foreclosures and delinquent mortgage notes.  At present, REO and note compilers are not regulated and for that matter, there are several imposters acting as compilers that cannot fulfill portfolio requests. Establishing relationships with experienced compilers that are trustworthy, therefore, is a critical component to conducting business in the REO and note purchase transaction.  Trust RESidential is operated by a knowledgeable and experienced team with integrity and has reliable REO and note business relations that will provide a timely and trouble free purchase transaction.

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